Sexual and Reproductive Health Briefing Cards

Set of 9 easy to use reference cards covering key issues in sexual and reproductive health and rights. Each includes a definition, a quote from the ICPD Programme of Action or Fourth World Conference on Women, basic facts, and “areas for action.” Topics: Rights-based Approach, Life Cycle Approach, Violence against Women, Safe Motherhood, Unwanted Pregnancy, Unsafe Abortion, Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health, STDs/HIV/AIDS, and Fertility and Population Growth. English (SRH05E), French (SRH05F), and Spanish (SRH05S).

This publication is also available for download:

  • English (458 KB PDF)(SRH05E)
  • French (coming soon) (SRH05F)
  • Spanish (462 KB PDF ) (SRH05S)









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