A Mother's Day gift that truly lasts

Dear Friend,

This Mother’s Day, please consider making a special donation to Family Care International. It’s a perfect way to honor the mother — or mothers — who matter most to you.*

Your gift will support FCI’s lifesaving work in Burkina Faso, a poor West African country where girls as young as thirteen are often married off and pregnant, contraceptives are usually unavailable, and nearly half of all births take place at home, without a trained health worker. With your help, FCI’s team in Burkina Faso can:

  • Educate tens of thousands of women about the facts on family planning and safe motherhood
  • Teach parents about the dangers of child marriage and early pregnancy for their young daughters
  • Arrange access to emergency care for thousands of women with life-threatening childbirth complications
  • Convince influential village chiefs and religious leaders that healthier women means stronger communities
  • Train grassroots groups to advocate effectively for their communities’ health needs
  • Help the government enact stronger, more supportive maternal and reproductive health policies

Over the 18 years we have been working in Burkina Faso, maternal mortality has been cut by more than a third. But the need is still immense, especially in the remote villages where FCI is working.

We have a proven track-record of success, in Burkina Faso and more than 20 other countries. We depend on your support to continue this urgently important work.

This Mother’s Day, give a gift of life, a gift of hope for a future when no child loses a loving mother to a senseless, preventable death. Give a gift that lasts, and one that truly makes a difference.

With deep gratitude,

Ann M. Starrs

* Click here for a gift card — which can be attached to an email or printed it out and given in person — to tell your loved one that you have made a donation in her honor.


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Family Care International works in more than 20 countries to educate and empower thousands of women like Mariama (shown outside her home in the village of Djao-Djao, Burkina Faso), and to make sure they have access to lifesaving maternal and reproductive health care.

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