Budget tracking workshop sharpens accountability efforts by civil society, parliaments, media

(August 28, 2013)  More than 60 representatives of national parliaments, civil society, ministries of health, media, and development agencies from Kenya, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, and Uganda met this week in Nairobi, Kenya, in a workshop that aims to build their capacities to engage with budgets and undertake budget advocacy for improved women’s and children’s health. FCI co-sponsored the workshop, and FCI staff from Kenya and the U.S. attended and made presentations.

Speaker of the Senate of Kenya, Honourable Ekwee Ethuro, inaugurated the meeting on behalf of the Inter-Parliamentary Union, noting that a “national budget is the most important policy tool that a government has.” He urged participants to work together to ensure the existence of appropriate budget lines that are garnished on a regular basis, ensuring strong oversight mechanisms, and pointed to key challenges in this process including access to budget information.

This capacity building workshop, organized by the FCI, Countdown to 2015 (in which FCI is a key advocacy partner), the Partnership for Maternal, Newborn & Child Health (PMNCH), WHO, UNICEF, the InterParliamentary Union, Evidence for Action, the East African Community Open Health Initiative, Save the Children, and World Vision International, aimed to:

  • Build the capacity of multi-stakeholder country teams to undertake health budget advocacy
  • Foster greater collaboration among different constituencies that influence budget processes in countries
  • Support the development of budget advocacy strategies that build on the advocacy plans of existing RMNCH or health civil society coalitions

FCI sponsored this 4-day meeting as part of our work to build the capacity of our local civil society partners to advocate for stronger policies, increased investment, and greater accountability for reproductive and maternal health, and also represented Countdown to 2015.

More information about the workshop, and links to its presentations and resources, is available here.

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