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The Skilled Care Initiative (SCI) used a rigorous methodology to evaluate the availability and quality of skilled care in the intervention districts, its financial and cultural accessibility, and changes in use of skilled care over time. The pre-test, post-test, quasi-experimental design included the following components:

  • Facility assessments in the intervention and comparison districts to collect information on the quality, availability, and utilization of maternal health services.
  • Household surveys covering a random sample of households in each district to collect information on the use of skilled care at delivery, as well as knowledge, attitudes, and care-seeking behaviors during pregnancy and childbirth.

FCI also gathered information from Qualitative Community Assessments about community members’ knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors related to skilled care to develop country-specific behavior change communication strategies.

Evaluating the Skilled Care Initiative: A Comprehensive Strategy describes the SCI evaluation strategy as well as the process of developing a unique set of evaluation tools for appraising the availability and quality of skilled maternity care and for measuring knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors related to skilled care.
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The Skilled Care Initiative
SCI in Burkina Faso
SCI in Kenya
SCI in Tanzania
Making Skilled Care a Reality
Monitoring and Evaluating SCI
Training and Capacity Building

Skilled Care Initiative Delivers Impressive Results

Between 2003 and 2005, FCI worked with Ministries of Health in Burkina Faso, Kenya, and Tanzania to improve the quality and availability of maternity care, improving services for thousands of women. Through an ambitious research effort, FCI evaluated and documented key strategies for increasing skilled care during childbirth. Click here to download an overview of the results from all three countries.

Safe Motherhood In The Community: A Flipchart

This flipchart focuses on care during pregnancy, delivery, and the post-partum period.

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